Aesop's Fables
シリーズ Happy Readers
レベル Grade2-11
YL 2.2 - 2.2
LL 0.0
LLY 0.0 - 0.0
総語数 3,950

英語学習者向けレベル別リーダーHappy Readers シリーズ Grade 2: 450語レベル


The Fox and the Grapes / The Fox and the Crow / The Fox and the Woodcutter
The Lion and the Mouse / The Sick Lion

The Dog and His Shadow / Belling the Cat / The Hare and the Tortoise / The Stag at the Lake / The Country Mouse and the City Mouse

The Goose with the Golden Eggs / The Bear and the Travelers / The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf / The Milk-Woman and her Pail / The Boys and the Frogs
The Miser

The Ants and the Grasshopper / The Ant and Dove / The Frog and the Ox

The Wind and the Sun / The Oak and the Reed / The Ax and the Trees / The Rose and the Amaranth / The Boy and the Nut

1. Aesop's Fables
2. The Great Stone Face
3. Anne of Green Gables
4. A Dog of Flanders
5. Daddy-Long-Legs
6. Bible Stories 2
7. Peter Pan
8. The Happy Prince / The Nightingale and the Rose
9. Monte Cristo
10. The Stars / The Last Lesson

Aesop Scott Fisher (RT)
Happy House
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